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About the company:

I'm Ira Carlson, the founder of ROCK HARD WOOD Inc., and the creator of Boner Bats. Boner Bats was the real idea, but I didn't want to make everyone write "Boner" on their checks, so the natural result was ROCK HARD WOOD, Inc. 

I am a mechanical engineer (regular everyday Joe) and former professional baseball player.  After some local leagues went to wood, we thought it would be great to play with bats we made ourselves. After turning our own bats all year, it became obvious that the guys on the team would rather use my bats over the bats they could get at big box retail stores.  

I am very open to your ideas and input.  I hope you like our products.  I keep creating new brands and expanding the product list. At this point, we should have something for everyone. Your feedback is important, so please let me know what you think. 

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