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How long have you been in business?

2006 was our first season.

Does that make your products inferior to more established companies?

Absolutely not.  I buy the absolute best grade hard maple billets I can buy.  With the best inputs, I make an identical product.  I may tinker more with finishes and logos, etc, but the bat should perform as well as any other maple bat on the market.  In fact, Boner Bats may perform better than other bats on the market because I am extremely picky about the wood that I sell and about how I finish each bat. 

Do you offer one-of-a-kind bats?

Yes, to a point.  I am willing to turn down a model bat that I currently offer to a specific knob shape, etc, but if the desired bat is bigger than what I offer, I can't do it at this time.    I do offer custom bats in the models I offer with one-of-a-kind artwork for logos, etc.   

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes.  I have an easy to use Paypal cart which can be used to pay with a credit card, even if you don't have a Paypal account.  This way, you get the security of checking out through a company that handles many millions of dollars of transactions.  You do not need a paypal account, nor will you be required to sign up for one.

Can I submit T-shirt or slogan ideas?

Yes, but carefully.  I may give away free T-shirts or bats to individuals who donate slogans and sayings that may be used either on the website or on T-shirts in the future.  However, just because you thought of something that is on one of my T-shirts does not mean that you were the only one to think of it, or that you thought of it first, or that you "own" that phrase.  I will provide a link on the future T-shirts page that can be used to submit funny sayings and slogans, but I may require that you accept a disclaimer that you don't expect compensation.  I will then log all submissions, and when used, I will send the individual a free T-shirt that they actually helped design.  Fair enough?

What are the shipping rates for my order?

Please view shipping rates on this page.     Rock Hard Wood Shipping Rates

Can I submit questions or requests?

Absolutely.  I very much value your input.  Whether it be about what we offer for bats, how we do things, which T-shirts we offer, etc.

Can I get my bat personalized with my name and team?

I currently offer free personalization. Simply enter the personalization text you want on the barrel of your bat when you add your item to your Paypal shopping cart. Personalization is offered as cut vinyl on the barrel (typically white lettering on black barrels or black lettering on natural colored barrels). email if you have any questions.

Can I invest in Boner Bats? This is a great idea!

No. But I may be willing to partner up with you or you could make me an offer to buy me out. I must admit that I enjoy making bats, but I'm sure this business could be much more successful if I had the right partner or maybe if it was run by a better businessman. It never hurts to email me.

Can you teach me how to have a bat business too?

Yes. I've had a number of requests over the years. This year, I created a "Start Your Own Bat Business" package that will get you off and running with your own logo, brand, bats, and instructions for everything. You can see more details here.

Are these the only models you offer?

Yes. I have recently dropped the BB72 and BB73 models because I just really wasn't selling very many of them and it costs me a lot to have the larger inventory so I can finish as soon as I get the order. I have some remaining that will show up this year on Ebay and Amazon, but that will probably be the end of them.