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All products on this page are made from broken game bats (fallen soldiers).



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Most bats break in the thin part of the handle, whether due to an end impact or a fisting. After putting a ton of time and effort into making bats, it sometimes seems a waste to just throw out the broken bats. Products you find on this page are made from previously used game bats, bats that weren't good enough for game bats, or bat billets. If you would like an item made from one of your game bats, please email me. You can make the purchase, send me your broken stick, I'll turn it and send it back. Start saving your broken bats if you would like a bat knob coat rack for the entryway or maybe give the Mrs. a nice rolling pin. Also, if you have other ideas for products that can be made from broken bats, feel free to email and suggest it.

Boner Bats Model 110

French Rolling Pins

These will be made from broken bat barrels. The short length is very convenient for fitting in drawers in the kitchen. You can specify how much taper you would like or a consistent diameter throughout. All will be made from hard maple. Ash has a porous boundary layer in the wood that could hold food particles. Hard Maple is a distributed pore wood and does not have 'holes' in the wood like Ash. Your rolling pin will arrive sanded smooth and with no finish. Simply run mineral oil in if desired or leave natural, depending on your intended use.

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Completely Custom French Rolling Pins

These will be made from broken bats when possible - hard maple bat billets if very large

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Pencil Holders

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Spinning Tops



These can be made from either Hard Maple or Ash. Use these to create a 'center pull ball' for the knitters you know. This keeps the ball of yarn from rolling around as you pull more yarn away from it.

Coat Racks




Please email with any special requests. Support@rockhardwood.com - if you are requesting custom work, please allow up to 2 weeks.