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With our "Start Your Own Bat Company" offering, you will receive:

1) 100 hard maple bats, turned to specific models, direct from my bat guy

2) I will hire an artist to have your logo created

3) 110 center brand logos and knob labels if desired

4) Digital files for all print runs and logos in vector format (no pixelation)

5) 5 gallons of bat dip (clear top coat) will be delivered to your address

6) Written instructions and videos of me performing each step of sorting, weighing, finishing, and cupping bats.

7) detailed product descriptions and links to purchase useful or necessary items to run your own bat business

Have you been craving to start your own side business and love baseball? I am offering to kick-start your business with logo creation, logo printing, bats, bat dip, and full instructions to do what I do.

I have a small wood bat business, but my customers think I make a good product at a good price and they keep coming back. The 'big guys' would laugh at some of my processes, but that's also what makes this great. Anyone with some hands-on ability will be able to make high quality bats using my instructions. I'm not here to tell you how great my facilities are, because they aren't. I'm here to tell you that if you have good connections in your local market and think you could sell a couple hundred bats a year, you could have a successful bat business on the side. It is a really cool experience to have someone hit the game-winning blast with one of your bats.


What you will need:

basic woodworking experience (do you have a table saw or chop saw and have built a few things around the house?). Willingness to learn. Basement or garage space (approx 300 sq ft or larger). I will probably recommend you buy approx $2000 worth of additional items to round out everything you will need to start. Maybe you already have some of these items. For example, if you already have a drill press, that will help reduce your up-front expense.

I will show you everything I do to make good bats. I will show you my paint processes, my cupping set-up, my suppliers for every item, how the dip tanks are set up, etc, etc. We're not only going to show you how the sausage is made, we're going to shove our sausage in your face and show you all the warts and subtle details that make the difference between cheap bats and good bats.

You can treat everything you learn from me as a starting point and far surpass me if you are able to. There are certainly parts of the bat-making process that can be done more efficiently if done in larger volume. I hope you get there. Whatever your goal, this is a good place to start.


Additional Instructions

The numbers: 100 bats to start (60 good bats, 35 blems, 5 junk = approximate break-out) and approx start-up costs = $7500

You sell 60 bats for $60+

You sell 35 blems for $35+

You sell 5 commemorative bats for $40+

Total sales revenue = $5025

When you sell the first 100 bats, you've already made back 67% of your start-up costs. You might be able to sell for a price higher than $60 and you might be able to put less money up front depending on what equipment and supplies you already own. I really enjoy making new brands. I've created over 10 brands and have 6 trademarks and 2 more in process. If your desired logo is similar in artistic impression to any of mine, I can contact that artist to work on your new logo. I have been making bats and creating brands for almost 9 years now and would like to make a new brand for you.