(Finally, a bat company with a sense of humor.)


The Bats




Future Shirts

Maple Bats - ONLY $65


Ash Bats - ONLY $45


Black and Strained Boner Bat

You'll never forget the first time you use your Boner!


 Big'uns Bats - Our line of BP bats.  Typical weight drop of zero to -1.5.  

Bar Hag Bats - Our blem bats - a great value with a few minor blemishes. Two logo options. Where else can you get a maple bat for $40?

Bar Hag Not - Blem Bats

 Bar Hag Hot - Optional Logo

  Creature Clubs - our line of youth bats.  

What you can expect from us: 

We offer BB13, BB110, BB271, BB243, and BB141 Models in 33 and 34 inches.  Weight Drop better than -2 Guaranteed.   All bats are cupped and offered in any barrel handle combination of natural, black, and stain.

Your bat will arrive with a noted weight in ounces (written in the cup) and with a knob label that tells you exactly which model and length bat you have purchased.  



Our Friends and Other Brands

Bad Ass Bats Logo HammerHead Bats Logo
Camo Clubs Color Logo Bible Bats Logo


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